When dreams come to lifE

What started as a pass time during the lockdown back in April 2020, is today a fulltime business for Sarita Garg. She started making masks for friends & family. Gradually, the demand for her homemade fabric masks increased. And thus the journey began.



The mask that you see on our shop today has been through various stages of research & experiments because of the need to provide best quality product in terms of safety comfort & looks. 

After a lot of experimentation, research, and understanding all the pain points of the existing masks in the market we developed multiple prototypes before we finalized ‘THE HEXASHIELD® MASK’ as per WHO & CDC guidelines. A mask truly designed for the new routine; Comfortable, Safe & Stylish.

First thing first- Safety

With the research we did, we understood that making a mask that gives equal safety as a medical-grade mask was necessary, we got lab-tested and certified filter material same used in the N95 and added it to our fabric masks which makes it 95% BFE. 

Then came- Comfort

Wearing a mask for long hours is uncomfortable and painful on the ears. “Great respect for the medical personnel”.
To eliminate this we introduced soft ear-loops and an adjuster, which easily tailors the mask to your liking and comfort. 

Next- More Protection

We use a flexible and unbreakable nose clip. It creates a perfect seal around the nose and prevents the mask from slipping down every time you talk. It’s best if you have specs as it prevents your lens from fogging up with every breath.

Demand - New Prints & Colors

Along with comfort and safety.
We served the real fashion demand; “Do you have more colors or prints?”. 
Everyone wanted to match their outfits with the new 2020 fashion trend. And So we introduced our classic, chic trendy range of premium fabric masks.

Finally - Increasing our channel

We knew that the essential product had to reach more & more people than just our friends and family. So we started spreading our channels and build the brand YUGA. We set up our own website Yuga.in and today we are also selling our products on Amazon & Flipkart

We didn't know where we'd be in a week or in a month, all we knew is we wanted to make our products reach everyone.

—The Vision —

The coming challenge was to serve demand & increase production. 

The motto from day one was handmade and local.

Thus Sarita being a woman entrepreuner created an opportunity for the local women to help them be self-reliant and an earning member of the family.

Today she has an all Women’s Team of 20+ members who hand-make the products locally all from the comfort of their houses. 

#MadeinIndia  #VocalforLocal

Visionary / Creator

Sarita Garg

I believe that it’s never too late to follow your passion. I have always loved stitching, designing & creating new things for fun. And for the longest time I dreamt of starting my own business and finally made it a reality. Today I am a happy 47 year old simply walking on the path of my love & dreams.

The Process

How it's Made